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Some Truth about the Naga Viper

After watching the video read : San Diego Chile Grower Grows World Record Hot Chiles below the video.


San Diego Chile Grower Grows World Record Hot Chiles!
Some Truth about the Naga Viper
Interview hot pepper grower, and straight shooter Jim Duffy. The truth about the "mutt pepper" naga viper. "It cannot happen with plants in the amount of time for the Naga Viper and infinity pepper.

We flew down to interview to Jim about his pepper ventures and found a wealth of info. This is fascinating reading.
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San Diego Chile Grower Grows World Record Hot Chiles!
Susan's questions are in bold.

Jim Duffy a grower of the rarest and hottest chiles and owner of Refining Fire Chiles grew the hottest chiles on record in 2010. So why no official record I asked Jim?
Jim replied It's a long story and time to tell it. After sending one of my Trinidad Scorpion Peppers to Dave De Witt in New Mexico in 2009 the journey began. Dave gave the pepper to his long time friend Marlin Bensinger a chemical engineer and one of the foremost experts on capsaicin science. Marlin tested it and it came in higher than the Bhut Jolokia. So in 2010 Mr. Duffy grew some Trinidad Scorpion and Trinidad 7 Pot plants for Marlin to put into the fields in New Mexico.

Marlin drove out to Lakeside, California just east of San Diego to meet Jim and see his new chile garden project. Jim gave Marlin the plants to take back to New Mexico and also agreed to send peppers from his plants as well. From September through November Marlin tested the Scorpions from Jim's plants and also a few plants Marlin acquired from a grower in New Jersey. Marlin also tested other Trinidad chiles and found a total of 4 varieties that came in higher than the Bhut Jolokia! When satisfied that the Trinidad Scorpion came in with the highest heat rating we then sent samples to an Independent lab in Texas. Analytical Food Labs in Texas is the top in it's field in pungency testing for the food and spice industry. Our results from Texas confirmed our findings so we had Dave De Witt's people file for Guinness World Record.

So I asked Jim about the Naga Viper. Well said Jim there never was any third party testing for the Naga Viper or the Infinity Chile before it. Therefore the Chile Pepper Institute and other major growers won't recognize it. Besides any student of Botany or Horticulture knows you cannot create a new plant variety in a year or two. So therefore it cannot exist! I mean can I cross a Great Dane with a Poodle and then later breed the puppies and have a stable dog breed? Of course not! So it cannot happen with plants either in a short time and the growers of the Infinity and Naga Viper claim they did that. In fact the Naga Viper is supposed to be a 3 way cross. Which is impossible.

So why does Guinness recognize it? Well I really don't know said Jim. Guinness asked us for variety authentication by a Horticulturist and growing records. [b] If you had to prove it why didn't others? [/b] You must understand Guinness is Independent, nothing but a record keeper and record publisher. They are not a scientific organization. They can make their own rules and set their own criteria and change it anytime they want. We had third party verification by one of the World's top food labs. The English growers sent their samples in to a college. Not a qualified food lab or Agricultural lab like New Mexico State. Just an average college. The purpose of third party verification is to make sure peppers are not tampered with. Anyone can add chemical extract to a pepper and only a top lab would detect that. Not saying that happened but when the Chile Pepper Institute asked for seeds of the Naga Viper it was declined.

So what now Jim? Well as far as I am concerned the Trinidad Scorpion grown in Lakeside, California and Las Cruces, New Mexico is the new Champ at 1,191,000 Scoville Units. Multiple tests and two top labs don't lie. Guinness may not recognize us but Science does and this year we will have Dr. Bosland and the Chile Pepper Institute oversee our work on the Scorpion and other Trinidad varieties. If the British want to prove us wrong send in seeds and peppers to us for testing. For now the top U.S. sauce makers know what we have and respect us for what we have done. [b] Now one final question.[b]Jim will you ever grow the Naga Viper?[/b] No I won't because as seed and plant seller I would not want a mutt. I am a purist and want to make sure my customers get something that is stable and if they want to save their own seeds next season to grow again I want them to have a stable variety. Any parting thoughts. Currently two sauce makers are releasing new sauces with the name New Mexico Scorpion. Just to make a point here it is not a new variety. Just like the names Hawaiian Pineapple or Idaho Potato we call ours New Mexico Scorpions grown in New Mexico. I currently have thousands of my seeds from my San Diego plants germinating now for a larger field I will grow with Marlin in New Mexico. We still want to do more testing on flavor, productivity and heat levels. Hopefully with Dr. Paul Boslands assistance we will learn more about these superhot varieties then we ever knew before.
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Susans Hot pepper Interviews.[the bhut jolokia garden]

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pepper seed pictureAji Chombo

Aji Chombo (Panamanian Habanero) The Aji Chombo is a red elongated habanero type from the Country of Panama located in Central America. Very hot and used in most spicy Panamanian dishes. Very rare. A sauce maker in Florida uses this chile in all her specialty sauces. This plant is a good producer of multiple pods and easy to grow.
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yellow bhut jolokia pepper seeds
Yellow Bhut Jolokia The Yellow Bhut Jolokia is a natural variant of the Red Bhut Jolokia. Now some honesty. There are seed sellers that are running around saying this is as hot as a Bhut Jolokia. I had these tested and heat levels came in between 250,000 and 400,000 Scoville units. Now you might be saying wow thats a whole lot lower than the Bhut Jolokia. Not really. Very few Bhut pods test over 1,000,000. Most Bhut Jolokia average between 300,000 and 800,000 Scoville units. One pepper did top over 1,000,000 for new record but that is not the norm. Still former Record Holder Red Savina never duplicated it's over 500,000 record either. Now this pepper is hotter than Fatalii or Devil's Tongue Yellow. And it does have a Bhut Jolokia taste but better than the Red version in my opinion. It also produces better. A great tasting chile with great heat. To Buy any of these pepper seeds go to the store Refining fire store
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Chocolate Bhut Jolokia The Chocolate Bhut Jolokia is a natural variant of the Bhut Jolokia. It became available to the public in 2008 through Frontal Agritech Assam, India. It has the heat level of a Red Bhut Jolokia but also has a sweet undertone. One of the most delicious Superhot chiles I have ever tasted. This species does not germinate as easy as the normal Bhut Jolokia and can take up to 6 weeks. So if your a novice grower better to try something else. If you grow in a heated seed try grow by itself because other seeds will sprout first and then you will be removing clear humidity cover before your Chocolate Bhut Jolokia sprouts.To Buy any of these pepper seeds go to the store Chocolate Bhut Jolokia at the Refining fire store

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Pinquita De Mono Pinquita De Mono-(Capsicum annum)-This is claimed to be the hottest Aji pepper. It is a capsicum annum type from Peru. It comes from the region close to Lima. It has an excellent flavor. Some say one of the best annum types that they have tasted besides the Tepin. A very good producer it grows into a small low lying bush. Peppers are conical in shape and mature from green to dark red. A company named Organic Originals makes a great Private Reserve Hot Sauce out of this pepper. I supply them.Capsicum annum pepper seeds at the Refining fire store
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Ecuadorian Devil's Breath-(Capsicum chinense)-This hot chinense variety claims to be the hottest Ecuador has to offer. Pods are prolific and heat is high. Flavor is like most chinense a little fruity. These seed packets are a mixture of the Red and rare Orange variety. And yes both taste different. So plant them and see if you get both! Plants get over a meter tall. Pods mature from green to orange or red.To Buy any of these pepper seeds go to the store Ecuadorian Devil's Breath pepper seeds at the Refining fire store
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Trinidad 7 Pot Douglah (chocolate 7 Pot) Chocolate version of Trinidad 7 Pot with a sweeter flavor but just as hot! Called Douglah because in Trinidad a mixed race person is called Douglah. People in Trinidad are from Indies, Africa and Latin America. This pepper is equal if not hotter than the Bhut Jolokia. It has ripping heat so be careful.
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Trinidad 7 Pot Jonah strain The Trinidad 7 Pot Jonah is a larger plant that produces larger 7 Pot strain pods. A more fruity flavor than the standard 7 Pot and slightly higher heat. The peppers mature from light green to red. Surface of pods are pimply and lumpy with some even growing little Scorpion tails. No doubt in my mind that Scorpions and 7 Pots are related. We believe this pepper consistently has higher average heat levels than the Ghost chile. To Buy any of these pepper seeds go to the store Trinidad 7 Pot Jonah strain Pepper seeds

Roatan Pumpkin Habanero-(Capsicum chinense)-This chile comes from Roatan
Island off the coast of Honduras. Pods are wrinkled and ribbed and have
a pumpkin look to them. They have a nice orange color and get rather
large. The plants are heavy producers so staking plant may be necessary.
This chile has above average habanero heat with nice fruity taste. Pods
mature from light green to dark orange. To Buy any of these pepper seeds go to the store Roatan Pumpkin Habanero pepper seeds at the Refining fire store


Red Fatalii:Fatalii Red-(Capsicum chinense)-The Fatalii Red is the red version of
the Yellow Fatalii from central Africa. It has more of a bite than it's
Yellow relative and pods tend to be shorter in length. Since this
variety mutated from the Yellow variety occasionally you will get some
Yellow Pods. Pods mature from medium green to dark red. Great for
sauces. It is very prolific so be prepared to have lots of chiles. To Buy any of these pepper seeds go to the store Red Fatalii strain | Pepper seeds

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Devil's Tongue Red Capsicum chinense)-The original Devil's Tongue is a Yellow variety
developed by an Amish farmer in Pennsylvania, U.S.A.. Later on a red
variety emerged. It has a higher heat level than it's Yellow relative
and a totally different flavor. Pods also get wider and larger with a
thicker skin. Like the fatalii red this chile came from it's Yellow
relative. So sometimes will produce Yellow pods and even chocolate pods.
Pods mature from light green to dark red and can get up to 3 inches
long. Heat level between 250,000-500,000 Scoville units.To Buy any of these pepper seeds go to the store Red Devil's Tongue | Pepper seeds
yellow devil tounge pepper seeds
Devil's Tongue (yellow variety): (Capsicum chinense)-The Devil's Tongue is a chile developed by an Amish
farmer in Pennsylvania during the 1990’s. Similar to size, color and
shape of Fatalii. But skin is smoother and chile is smaller. It has a
higher heat level than Fatalii and more sweet fruity flavor while
Fatalii is more citrus. Pods mature from green to bright yellow. Plant
is an abundant producer.To Buy any of these pepper seeds go to the store Devil's Tongue (yellow variety)| Pepper seeds

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Ugandan Red Habanero: This elongated variety comes from the country of Uganda, Africa. In my
opinion one of the hottest and most flavorful Red habanero types from
the continent of Africa. Seeds are rare. It matures from light green to
dark red. Plants get about a meter tall and are very prolific. Flavor is
slightly fruity. If you like habanero types then this is a great one
for you garden.To Buy any of these pepper seeds go to the store Ugandan Red Habanero| Pepper seeds

moruga pepper
Moruga Scorpion The Morouga Scorpion is named after the South East region of Trinidad.
It is not related to the Morouga red which is a small red Habanero type.
It gets a small tail or nipple and has a slight Scotch Bonnet shape. northern ca contractor
Closely related to the Trinidad 7 Pot it’s skin has a rough surface that
looks like the texture of a human brain. Unlike the 7 pot the pods are
consistent in shape and size. It may have a higher heat level than the
traditional Red Trinidad Scorpion. Cut one open and see the hot
capsaicin oil sweat out right before your eyes!To Buy any of these pepper seeds go to the store Refining fire store

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Orange Scorpion Orange Scorpion-(Capsicum chinense)-This chile was found in a field of scorpions by a European grower in 2007. Not a true Scorpion but most
likely is a cross between a Congo and a Scorpion. It has a nice heat and
Scorpion flavor. Pods get slightly wrinkled and some get a pointy end
like a Scorpion but most will look more like a Congo pepper. Flavor of
this chile is fantastic. If you love the Congo peppers but want a
different type of taste and more heat this is it. Plants get over a
meter tall and are heavy producers. Pods mature from light green to
light orange and can get over 2 inches in diameter. This species also
gets a lighter green foliage so don't be afraid to give it more
nutrients. To Buy any of these pepper seeds go to the store Orange Scorpion hot pepper seeds
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Congo Yellow The Congo Yellow Trinidad is a very large habanero type. Pepper pods mature from green to yellow and if left to ripen longer get slightly orange.The peppers can get as big as 1/2 ounce
just like the Congo Red and Congo Black. They have a slight
smoky/fruity flavor and average around 150,000-300,000 Scoville units of
heat. Plants get to be over a meter tall and produce so many pods they
may need to be staked. If you like the other Congo Peppers than you will
like this one too! To Buy any of these pepper seeds go to the store Congo Yellow Trinidad Hot Pepper Seeds
cardi cardi 7 pot The rare and elusive Trinidad 7 Pot Chile Pepper is now slowly making itself known to chile heads around the world. Pure seeds are very hard to find. Seed sources are often overseas and can you run into very high prices for them. The Trinidad 7 Pot or Trinidad 7 Pod has been rumored to have as much heat as the World Famous Bhut Jolokia, considered by some as the hottest chile in the world! It is called the 7 Pot because it is rumored that one pepper can add heat and flavor to 7 pots of stew!!! If you can get past the heat it has a kind of fruity flavor. These seeds are the CARDI SR strain of 7 Pot which has a rough pimply texture on the outer skin.To Buy any of these pepper seeds go to the store Trinidad 7 Pot Chile Hot Pepper SeedsGO BACK TO PEPPER SEED LIST(TOP)More Pepper seeds
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Black Habanero 10+ seeds
A new chile grown for 2010 that is not amongst the hottest but may be one of the tastiest. It was originally developed by a European grower that crossed a Clavo with a chocolate habanero. A Clavo is a more milder version of the Fatalii. These peppers mature from light green to a dark brown. They are between 2-6 inches long and resemble a mini-Anaheim or Big Jim. Heat level is like a medium chinense variety. They get big enough to stuff!! Plant is a heavy producer of multiple peppers, so much so you might have to stake it to keep branches from breaking! Flavor is rich almost raisin like. What this pepper lacks in heat it more than makes up for with production and flavor!

Black Habanero pepper seeds

black stinger pepper seeds
Black Stinger-(Capsicum chinense)-A very hot smaller Chocolate habanero type that has a short little stubby tail or stinger. Has kind of a nutty flavor and plants produce well. Plants grow to just under one meter tall. Pods mature from green to dark brown. If you like growing the chocolate habanero you will like this one. It has plenty of Heat!!
Black Stinger pepper seeds
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