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Hot Pepper Plant Sale|Exotic Chiles

Get some of the rarest and most spicy pepper plants on the planet for sale.
hydroponic bhut jolokia
BHUT JOLOKIA PLANTS (World record holder for Heat) $11 each only 8 left

Right now you can still get some exotic hot pepper plants from Jim Duffys hydroponic hot pepper farm while he still has some left. You can get on his waiting list for fresh chiles in September by contacting him at or thru his site at Seeds are also available for most varieties.

The plants I got from Jim arrived in good shape and are thriving and I do not have a 'green thumb'.

trinidad scorpion|hot pepper

TRINIDAD SCORPION PLANTS (Hot as Bhut but more rare) Pods get bright red with a small Scorpion like tail. $12 each only 8 left


CARRIBEAN WEST INDIES RED-This Chile is an exact duplicate of the RED SAVINA. Well because it is just as hot and as far as I know I cannot tell the difference in flavor, pod size or color. You can buy something for the name or try this plant that won,t disappoint you. $8 each. only 10 left

JAMAICAN CHOCOLATE HABANERO PLANTS (for Jerk sauce hot and sweet) $8 each only 14 left

FATALII-Extremely hot habanero type from Central Africa. Long Yellow pods that also have a slight Citrus flavor. $8 each only 6 left
white habrenero|hot pepper

YUACATAN WHITE HABANERO PLANTS (Hot as Savina but subtle smoky flavor) $8 each only 4 left


GAMBIA HABANERO-A large red globe shaped habanero from Gambia, Africa. Great heat and flavor. A very rare chile , but plant make lots of huge pods! $8 each only 2 left

MUSTARD HABANERO-No two pods look the same. Origin unknown. High heat and smoky to sweet flavor. One of my top favorites for flavor Pods range in color from peach to mustard color. Very rare. $8 each only 4 left

COMING End of July
NAGA MORICH PLANTS (sister of BHUT Jolokia just as hot from Bangladesh) $13 each
trinidad 7|hot pepper

TRINIDAD 7 PEPPER PLANTS (hardest hot pepper plant to find, hot as Scorpion and Bhut but different flavor, Pods get as big as golfballs!) $14 each

SAFI RED SCOTCH BONNET-A real hot Red Scotch Bonnet type from West Africa. $9 each SOLD OUT

ARIBIBI GUSANO-A very rare Habanero type from Bolivia. Pods turn creamy white and are called the Caterpillar pepper because they look like caterpillars! $8 each only 8 left

DUTCH ANTILLAIS CARRIBEAN HABANERO-This extremely hot Carribbean type has a sweet smell and flavor. Pods range from orange to light red in color. Hot as a Red Savina but fruity flavor. $9 each (limited supply) only 2 left

PEACH HABANERO-Peach colored fruits with a heat level higher than your Orange habanero. Great flavor and plants produce a lot of pods. $8 each only 6 left

CLEOS DRAGON-The largest of the Carribean habaneros. Pods can get 3 inches long and 3 inches wide!!! Very rare and I only have a few of these. $10 each Only 8 left
red rocoto|hot pepper plant sale

RED ROCOTO-Not a habanero type but has plenty of heat. Pods are apple shaped and have a slight apple taste. The pods are also thick walled like a jalapeno. One of the hardest chiles to germinate. Plants can be overwintered for many years and can handle temps in low 40's. Originates from Andes mountains in Peru. $10 each. Only 8 left

AFRICAN BIRDS EYE PEPPER-Superhot Tepin Pequin type small chile pod. From Southern Africa. Plant in pots to get chiles year after year! $9 each only 6 left

HERMOSILLO CHILITEPIN-A ChiliTepin from Sonoran Desert, Mexico. A rare variety that grows into a bush that can get over 3 feet tall!! Tepins and Birds Eye Peppers are the hottest non-habanero type peppers on the planet. $9 each only 6 left


Trinidad 7 Pot and Trinidad Scorpion

Bhut Jolokia and Naga Morich seeds

Jamaican Chocolate Habanero-The hottest and most flavorful of all the brown chocolate habaneros.

Red Savina Habanero-Former world record holder for heat

Antilles Carribbean Habanero-This Habanero type has a slight fruity flavor and sweet

West Indies Habanero-The most aromatic of the Carribean habaneros. Plant gets full of pods

Yucatan White Habanero-Hot as Red savina, but slight smoky flavor. Plant produces an abundance of pods.

Fatalii-Yellow Citrus flavored Central African Habanero type. Pods are long and plant gets full of them. One of my favorites.

Safi Red Scotch - Hot Scotch Bonnet type from West Africa

Jamaican Scotch Bonnet-The most famous Carribean habanero.

Jamaican Red Mushroom-Huge Mushroom shaped pods. Heat is not as hot as others but flavor is fruity and nutty.

Carribean Red Habanero- A very hot Carribean type. Similar flavor to Orange habanero.

Red Rocoto capsicum pubescens species from Andes Mountains, has a slight apple like flavor but very hot.

Chiltepin-hottest pepper from Northwest Mexico that is not a habanero, small round pods

Congo Trinidad Habanero-Large globe shaped pods that have lots of flavor and heat
Hot pepper Plant sale
Mustard Habanero-Very flavorful pods that have strange shapes. In my opinion one of the easiets habaneros to grow. No 2 pods look the same. Colors range from peach to light yellow or mustard color. Very hot origin unknown.
Fire chiles

Hot Pepper Plant Sale Jims cell Phone # 619-504-9777

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  1. Shame there is no one in the UK selling these plants, would love to get some :)

  2. hey wondering where u are located. I am really interested in purchasin one of each of the plants you have on here for sale. please email me your adress if possible

  3. I was looking to get Fatalli and scorpion plants but was wondering they would produce fruit in the New Hampshire winter if I left tehm in a window or should I wait unitl spring?



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